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Play. Know. Grow

A platform of togetherness for the BIPOC community, leveraging sport as a cultural currency for promoting an informed lifestyle of adventure.


See the world with a new pair of eyes. Weusi is the community we never knew we needed; here the game of squash serves as wings to take you around the world, and enrich your experience of self and community.

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James Dodson x Busani Xaba

Going from playing rugby in Zimbabwe to squash, on a bet that changed his life.


Squash Icons

Celebrating the achievements of people of color on and off the court.


Melting Pots

How our squash camps serves as a confluence of diaspora cultures.

Two young men playing squash in an indoor court


Weusi is a word of Swahili origin with an essence that translates to “togetherness.”

About Weusi
Two young women playing squash in an indoor court

Motivated by meaning, this platform was founded to defy the norm; a combination of cultural consciousness with athleticism. We are here to expand the worldview of people of color, bring communities into the game of squash, and curate diaspora experiences.

At our core are anchors that keep us grounded for the benefit of our community, which we serve diligently. Through all of these, a sporting lifestyle is created for the BIPOC community to elevate everyone in mind, body, soul, and impact.

Black Unity
Alexander Dumas
Global Excellence

“Weusi exists to see the BIPOC community play sports, know history, go places, and grow together in confidence.”

James Dodson
Founder, Weusi

“We are building a platform of togetherness for people of color, and it informs perspective. Hence the name... Weusi.”

James Dodson
Founder, Weusi

“Weusi is years of mentorship, resource-sharing, motivation, parenting and advocacy wrapped into a single entity for community impact.”

James Dodson
Founder, Weusi

Squash Programs

Experience tailored squash camps with professional coaches on different continents. An opportunity to play the game, and feed the perspective of the athlete.

Travel with Us

See the world differently through curated tours that take you through history, culture and civilizations that have informed the world you live in.

Travel Packages are hosted by Henderson Travel

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September 4, 2024
Accra, Ghana
Cultural Heritage Tour

Travel through the administrative and economic districts of Accra. See the Artiste Alliance Gallery, the W.E.B. Du Bois Center for Pan-African Culture, and the Independence/Black Star Square. Learn the history and the country’s first president who helped lead Ghana to independence.

April 11, 2024
Cairo, Egypt
Egypt Tour of a Lifetime

Cruise the Nile, explore the secrets of the Sphinx. Visit the three great pyramids; Cheops, Chefren, and Macarinos Pyramids. Have the trip of a lifetime to return informed and inspired.

February 21, 2024
Dakar, Senegal
Black History Month Tour

Witness architecture-styles that have transcended centuries. See the “Door of No Return”, through which people were transported into captivity. Discover the world and its narratives in a whole new way.

Partner with Us

Together, we can enrich and empower the perspective of the BIPOC community through sporting experiences and cultural adventures.

We should do it to elevate the generations of today and the ones to come.

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A young woman reaching for the ball during an intense squash game